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Gold Medal Award Winning Beverage Formulation.

Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting's proven success among beverage formulation companies and notably the functional beverage industry can help guide you in making the best decisions for building and developing your brand.


Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting's David Cordtz has formulated and developed Gold Medal Award winning beverages in the drink industry in the following beverage categories:

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David Cordtz's extensive background as an entrepreneur in the beverage business has lead to his latest company being recognized by Forbes Magazine.


Forbes Hottest Startups of 2013

Sonoma Cider named Hottest Startups

A new venture for David Cordtz & Robert Cordtz



2010 Natural Products Expo West

Best of Expo Teas - Gold Medal

Vibranz Probiotic Tea

David Cordtz formulated Vibranz, an organic probiotic tea. “The Vibranz formulation is a nice balance of probiotic content and mainstream flavor”. Bev Net 2010.

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Medals Include:

New York International Beer Competition

2015 California Cider Producer of the Year

Sonoma Cider

Women's Wine Competition

2014 Double Gold and Best of Class

The Pitchfork (Pear Cider)

MicroLiquor Spirit Awards

2014 Triple Gold Medal

The Hatchett (Apple Cider)

2014 Triple Gold Medal

The Pitchfork (Pear Cider)

North American Brewers Association

1997 Gold Medal

Apple Cider

Riverside County Fair

1996 People's Choice Award

Pear Cider

Barley Corn Magazine

1998 Award for #1 Cider

Pear Cider

available in the United States (including imports)

Sonoma County Harvest Fair

1998 Gold Medal

Apple Cider

1998 Gold Medal

Pear Cider

1998 Silver Medal

Honey Cider

1997 Gold Medal

Apple Cider

1997 Gold Medal

Honey Cider

1997 Silver Medal

Pear Cider

1996 Gold Medal

Honey Cider

1996 Silver Medal

Apple Cider

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Prior to selling Sonoma Sparkler to a NASDAQ traded company, David Cordtz won many awards for his sparkling juice line.  This included awards from the prestigious Fancy Food Show.

The Gourmet Retailer: Fancy Food Show East

2004 Finalist for Outstanding Beverage

Sonoma Sparkler Natural Pear

2004 Finalist for Outstanding New Product

Sonoma Sparkler Natural Peach

The Gourmet Retailer: Winter Fancy Food Show

2004 Aisle by Aisle Contest Winner

Sonoma Sparkler Natural Pear

Sonoma County Harvest Fair

2001 Double Gold Medal

Sonoma Sparkler Pear

2001 Gold Medal

Sonoma Sparkler Apple

2000 Silver Medal

Sonoma Sparkler Apple

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David Cordtz has won over 150 medals nationally and internationally.


His 1980 Cabernet Sauvignon won a gold medal from the prestigious “de l’Office International De La Vigne Et Du Vin” of France in 1984 for his 1980 Cordtz Brothers Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon.  The competition is considered the “Olympics of Wine”.


His 1983 Mama Tosca's Carignan won the coveted Sweepstakes Award at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair

Medals Include:

1982 Sauvignon Blanc

1983 Bronze Medal, San Jose Mercury Awards

1981 Sauvignon Blanc

1982 Silver Medal, Farmers Fair Riverside

1982 Bronze Medal, San Jose Mercury Awards

1982 Bronze Medal, Sonoma County Harvest Fair

1982 Bronze Medal, Cloverdale Citrus Fair

1983 Bronze Medal, San Francisco County Fair

1983 Honorable Mention, Farmers Fair Riverside

1981 Zinfandel

1983 Silver Medal, Cloverdale Citrus Fair

1981 Gewurztraminer

1982 Consumer’s Blue Ribbon San Jose Mercury Awards, Perfect 20 pt. Score

1980 Gewurztraminer Dry

1982 Bronze Medal, Los Angeles County Fair

1983 Bronze Medal, Orange County Fair

1982 Honorable Mention, Famers Fair Riverside

1983 Honorable Mention, Famers Fair Riverside

1980 Chardonnay

1982 Bronze Medal, Orange County Fair

1980 Premium North Coast Red Wine

1983 Silver Medal, Los Angeles County Fair

1980 Zinfandel

1982 Gold Medal, Orange County Fair

1981 Gold Medal, Los Angeles County Fair

1982 Silver Medal, Farmers Fair Riverside

1982 Silver Medal: San Francisco County Fair

1982 Bronze Medal, San Jose Mercury Awards

1980 Cabernet Sauvignon

1984 Gold Medal, Concours International Des Vins

1983 Gold Medal, Cloverdale Citrus Fair

1982 Bronze Medal, Orange County Fair

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