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From startups to NASDAQ traded companies, Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting has provided beverage formulas for all sizes of businesses using the best beverage ingredients.


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Need Help With Your Formulation?

David Cordtz is known for his flavor profiles. His many years as a wine maker and wine judge at the prestigious Orange County Fair Wine Competition led to his well-developed palate. He can take this experience into formulating a beverage that has both the aroma and the flavor to make your product a winner.


He has formulated and developed Gold Medal Award winning beverages in the drink industry in four separate beverage categories: Wine, Hard (Alcoholic) Cider, Sparkling Juices and Functional Beverages (probiotic teas, protein smoothies, etc.).


Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting will work hard to understand the taste profile you wish to offer the consumer.  We will help you sort through the multitude of options available in the development of a superior commercial beverage formula.


Will your beverage be all natural or organic?  Will it be carbonated or still?  Refrigerated or shelf stable? Will it contain alcohol or be non-alcoholic? High or low in solids?  Clear, cloudy or somewhere in between?  Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting will guide you in making the best choices for your brand.


Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting knows the beverage business and can:

  • Create commercial formulas to your specifications

  • Sensory evaluation

  • Create prototypes

  • Source ingredient vendors

  • Develop small bench trial samples for sales & marketing research

  • Create new beverages and new beverage formulations

After Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting completes your project, the formulas and intellectual property will be owned by you.

Hard Seltzers
Aguas Frescas
Hard Cider Blends
Wine Spritzers
CBD Beverages
Wine Blends
Natural Sodas
RTD Cocktails
Spirit & Sugar Brew Based Beverages
Bitters & Non-alcoholic Bitters
Ginger Brew
Sparkling Juices
Flavored Teas
Tonics & Sodas
Chai Tea
A partial list of the Ready to Drink (RTD) beverages Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting has formulated:

Let us guide you through your sales and distribution process.


If you are looking to begin beverage sales with an innovative, cost effective approach or explore new sales channels for an existing brand, Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting can help you achieve your goals.

sales and dist

Our distribution experience and contacts can save you time and money in the brand building process.  Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting can offer the road map to guide your brand from production to consumption while avoiding common costly mistakes that delay brand growth.


We will guide you in how to manage distributor efforts to key retail accounts as well as programming. We also provide consulting in brand building and beverage sales.

business plan


Your business plan is your road map to success. A well-conceived and researched business plan can be a great tool to obtain additional funding as well as guiding the proprietor through understanding every facet of their route to success.

Commercial Beverage Development


Whether you are producing widgets or wine an in depth understanding of your cost of goods is critical to executing a successful business model.  Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting can dig deep into your Cost of Goods to determine exactly what they are and how they can be modified to improve your margin of profit.

Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting will find you the Custom Packaging partner that is best suited for your needs. Whether your beverage is still, carbonated, low acid or high acid, packed in a plastic PET, Glass, Aluminum or aseptic Tetra, brewed, fermented or simply blended SBC’s long standing industry contacts will help guide you to the perfect partner facility to pack your beverage.

Each custom packaging facility offers a finite set of capabilities.  Some may only pack beer in cans; others may offer only glass bottles with preservatives added.  Others may be organic certified and pack only in PET/plastic. Some co-packers offer pressure sensitive labeling while others have pressure sensitive as well as cut & stack wet glue labeling capabilities.

Custom packaging will save a small to medium sized brand a great deal of capital. Locating a production building, hiring staff and purchasing bottling equipment and needed infrastructure can use up time precious start-up dollars.  Your finite time and resources can be better used when applied to direct marketing efforts in the building of your brand.


custom packaging


Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting’s non-alcoholic beverage compliance specialists work with your company to select the organic and kosher certifier that is best suited to your short and long term objectives.  We can then complete the detailed documentation required, making your brand both Organic & Kosher certified. Let Sonoma Beverage Formulation Consulting help guide you through the process of becoming Certified Organic and/or Kosher.

Award winning drink formulation


Sonoma Beverage Consulting Beverage Development


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